2016 seems to be the year I step out of my comfort zone and try (and learn) new things. In February I took a pattern design workshop, and right now I’m in the final week of a very intense 5-week course focusing on designing products for the home décor market (kind of a life-long dream for me). I’m sure you’re familiar with the course and it’s teacher, Lilla Rogers of Lilla Rogers Studio and her series of learning opportunities for artists called ‘Make Art That Sells’. I’ve always envisioned my work on home décor products (think: tableware, gift-y items, fabric, ceramics, etc., etc…), but I instinctively knew that it’s more than a matter of slapping an existing painting or drawing onto an object. There’s a whole lot that needs to be thought out in terms of design, substrate, scale, color, etc. This course gives a great overview of the various home décor markets and how to think about applying artwork to various shapes and substrates, and creating coordinating collections. It’s a lot to learn about and know about, and the course has my brain full of new stuff and new ideas. I’ve felt like a bit of a beginner in this course, coming from a fine arts background and still ramping up my digital skills. But it has forced me to overcome a few barriers (mostly technical ones) and start thinking of my work from a different perspective.  I'm thinking of taking the next course in the series as well! I have a bunch of ideas that I plan to develop even after the course is over, and pretty soon you’ll see my home décor collection at your local Target (HA! Just kidding! I wish! But seriously…Target…call me….)